As Seen on TV Magic Personal Ear Hearing Aid – Sonic Sound Amplifier Ear Booster Device (Black)

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As Seen on TV Magic Personal Ear Hearing Aid – Sonic Sound Amplifier Ear Booster Device (Black). AMPLIFY YOUR LIFE! One of our top 5 sellers, the Personal Sonic Sound Amplifier has a slim design that resembles a compact cell phone and allows users to listen to the world around them through their iPod/MP3 earphones or through their telecoil device. Amplifies the room you are in by up to 40dB. The Personal Sonic Sound Amplifier allows you to amplify the sounds and voices most important to you. By placing the microphone close to the desired sounds, you can reduce distracting background noises. The Personal Sonic Sound Amplifier helps you hear what you want to hear. Whether you desire to hear the soft voice of a grandchild, the words of a friend or family member, or the quiet sounds of nature,the Personal Sonic Sound Amplifier can help. The Personal Sonic Sound Amplifier helps keep you connected to the people and activities most important to you. Takes 2 AAA Batteries (Not Included) FEATURES: SUPER HEARING:Unlike other hearing amplifier devices that offer poor sound quality and clarity. Our pocket talker is equipped with Matched Output drivers that deliver clear and crisp sound, which means that you will be able to hear it all with clarity and control. 100 FEET AWAY: high quality stereo headphones and a swivel microphone with loud and clear earbuds that offer discreet listening while still including all ambient sounds, which means that you can hear everything you need. 30 HOUR BATTERY: personal sound amplifier features an Amplifier, Headphones, Dual Earbuds, and AAA battery equates to 30 hours of Battery Life. What that means to you is you’ll be able to use this sound amplifier anywhere. What that really means to you’ll never have to wonder what you’re missing out on by not being able to hear