Chevron Multi-Purpose Microfiber Chenille Duster, Grey (Grey)


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Chevron Multi-Purpose Microfiber Chenille Duster, Grey (Grey). Mini chenille duster perfect for quick touch-ups on shelves and picture frames and dusting tables Thick and long chenille fibers effectively picks up dust and debris with a few swipes Microfiber head attaches via a hook-and-loop fastener to prevent the pad from shifting out of place; Pad is removable, washable and can be reused again Ultra soft chenille is gentle on delicate surfaces like glass Unlike traditional feather dusters that release dust particles back into the air, the chenille duster effectively captures debris with its long chenille fibers. Without requiring any cleaning solutions or chemicals, the chenille microfiber head holds up to 50 percent more dust compared to most common fabrics. From the home to the office, this handy cleaning tool is perfect for a variety of settings. Use the duster to reach hard-to-reach spaces, shelves, desks, and tables. The ultra soft chenille material will not scratch or damage surfaces. The chenille pad can easily be removed to be washed and reused again. The strong touch fastener keeps the pad securely in place even during even the most rigorous cleaning sessions. Item dimensions may differ slightly due to the unique nature of the product. Color and finish may differ slightly due differences in monitor displays. Props and accessories are not included.