Chevron Precision Clean Wide Angled Broom, Grey (Grey)


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Chevron Precision Clean Wide Angled Broom, Grey (Grey). Upright angled household broom with long handle for cleaning large spills, dust, and dirt without the need for excessive bending Short and wide angled bristles covers more floor space for a more efficient clean Uniquely designed angled design brush head sweeps up fine dust and particles in hard-to-reach corners, nooks and crannies Highly resilient and stiff plastic bristles wont wear or deform over time Tackling dirt, grime, and dust like a dream this angled chevron broom will keep your floors spic and span. The broom features a wide angle brush head that is designed to capture fine dust and debris in tight corners and edges in both a home and office setting. The broom is wide enough to cover more floor surface yet small enough to fit in a small apartment or business office. The gentle bristles are safe to use on hardwood, laminate and even tile leaving no scratches or scarring on your delicate floors. This agile broom does a great job at getting all the lint, hair, and dust on the floor without leaving any trail behind. Use the broom to get into tight corners under the cabinets where pet hair and dust like to gather most. The broom is perfect to sweep every itty bitty food crumb and dust left in the school cafeteria or employee lunchroom. Easy to maneuver, this is an excellent broom that is geared to handle every nook and cranny to keep your home looking neat and tidy. Item dimensions may differ slightly due to the unique nature of the product. Color and finish may also differ from the images shown due to differences in monitor displays. Props and accessories are not included.