Diamond Colored Rose Gold Pens with Big Crystal Metal Ball Points (12-Pack, Rose Gold)


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Diamond Colored Rose Gold Pens with Big Crystal Metal Ball Points (12-Pack, Rose Gold). Description: Pretty Diamond Ballpoint Pens with rhinestones glitter topped design, smoothly elegant writing, comfortable to hold with nice and cute diamonds stone on top, that makes you feel special in a luxurious style. These ballpoint pens will make for the cutest cubicle in the office, theyre comfortable to hold, have a lovely diamond design, and provide smooth handwriting in black ink. Revolve lightly left or right to open and close the pen. Unique design; a lovely diamond is attached on top of the colorful metal ballpoint pen. Suitable for taking notes, doing homework, drawing, marking, writing a diary, and making cards. Features: COVET THE CUTEST CUBICLE: Imagine having the cutest designer style supplies in the office. If you’ve been looking for fun office supplies that are still functional, then your search is over! That’s because our cute unique diamond rose gold ballpoint pens have a stylish and fun design, but can still hold up to do any job you need them to. That means that you’ll have the cutest cubicle and still get your work done more quickly and efficiently! COMFORTABLE GRIP AND BALLPOINT TIP: There’s nothing worse than your hand cramping up mid-sentence and having to power through the rest of a meeting/lecture. Because these diamond ballpoint pens are comfortable and easy to hold, you’ll be able to take copious notes and write for hours without worrying about your hand cramping up. This is great for you because now you won’t have to stop writing mid-sentence because of your hand cramping up! STURDY AND STYLISH: The problem with other novelty pens is that they sacrifice construction over style, so you may end up with a cute pen but it writes like total garbage! Our rose gold pen with diamond crystal solves that problem! Why? That’s because our diamond ballpoint pens offer a sturdy and durable construction that allows for easy and smooth handwriting, which means that you’ll get so much use out of these fun and stylish pens! SPEND MORE TIME BEING FABULOUS: Our diamond ballpoint pens come in a pack which means that you’ll get your choice of style pen that you want to use. They feature black ink and are lightweight and easy to hold. What that means is you can use these pens for hours on end and still write well. What that really means to you is that you’ll finally get all of your work done, so you can have more time to relax and have fun.