Electronic Biometric Safe Case with Fingerprint Digital Lock E – Black (Black – Metal – Stainless Steel – Formal/Classic)


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Electronic Biometric Safe Case with Fingerprint Digital Lock E – Black (Black – Metal – Stainless Steel – Formal/Classic). This Digital Keypad Depository Safe allows you drop the items of value such as cash, checks, envelopes, receipts, files and more in the drop slot in the safe where it stays safely out of reach rather than leaving extra cash inside a register. This safe is a practical solution for businesses and organizations such as hotels, gas stations, motels, restaurants, or any retail businesses that deal with large volumes of deposits. Heavy-duty Frame: Whole-in-one reinforced with double thickness 12 gauge steel frame, steel plate door thickness up to 1/2. Built with three 1 solid locking bolts and anti-fishing baffles. which can resist the most determined break-in attempts Unique ConsiderateCompared to regular keypad drop safes on the market, our deposit door are equipped with lock and 2 keys, all for extremely safe. Interior padded with soft carpeted floor will protect your mail or other valuables from scratchesEco-friendly Surface : This Depository safe is finished with 100 um Electrostatic phosphorus free epoxy insulation coating, making it immune to corrosion and rust. ideal for long-term use. Enjoy this Electronic drop safe from now and you will fall in love with it ! Modern Appearance: Classic black appearance are simple, elegant. It can match most furniture perfectly and adds charm to your home, office or hotel, small businesses. Ideal for restaurants or any cash-business making regular bank deposits Security Drop Safe:The digital keypad can store 1 master PIN code and 5 individual pin codes. Powered by one 9V Battery. 4 Pre-drilled holes comes with hardware, easy to be bolt-down to wall. Specifications : – Exterior Dimensions:14 L x 14 W x 20H – Package weight 90.5 lb – Item weight 83.8 lb Package Includes: 1 x Depository Drop Safe Box 1 x Installation Instruction 4 x Mounting Hardware 2 x Locking Keys