Fluorescent Adhesive Tape Glow in The Dark Tape (Pack of 4) (Green)


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Fluorescent Adhesive Tape Glow in The Dark Tape (Pack of 4) (Green). Description: This adhesive tape has an excellent adhesion providing you with the advantage of not only having a photoluminescence item but a great quality durable tape. It is easy to apply and reposition elsewhere without leaving residues. The tape can be adhered to any type of surface, rough, smooth, cloth, cardboard, wall, glass, with a luminosity of up to 8 hours with dimensions of 33 feet long and 0.5 inches wide, made of vinyl. Features: LIGHTING THAT LOSES: For only about 30 minutes exposed to light this tape can maintain its brightness for up to 6 or 8 hours, providing a powerful and clear light and easy to see in the dark, perfect for places where you want to keep the darkness of the environment but keeping clear signs. This is great for Glow sticks party supplies and Wall Tape. Neon Party decorations are so much more fun than white tape. White tape is boring!!! VARIOUS FUNCTIONALITY: Perfect for use in the corners of the home, keeping your family safe from corners on walls or surfaces, to write detailed figures that light up in the waterproof darkness, does not require electricity. Road Tape FAST AND EASY USE: the fluorescent masking tape can be applied to a wide range of surfaces and textures thanks to the advanced adhesive backing without residues. Suggestion: a good grip is definitely an advantage. If you need to start the tape. You can use a blow dryer to blow hot air. The tape is easy to start when heated MANUFACTURED WITH SAFE MATERIALS: made with a top-quality PET system, our luminous shine with non-toxic properties in the dark tape is safe for children and pets, waterproof, durable, and environmentally friendly. HIGH QUALITY! UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE: When looking for something it’s important to spend your money on something that works. We are happy to serve you in any way we can and are eager to meet all of your needs. If for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied, we will do everything in our power to make sure that you leave happier, healthier, and breathing easy.