Great Storage Pencil Case of Large Capacity for Students (Blue)


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Great Storage Pencil Case of Large Capacity for Students (Blue). Description: Our pencil case is designed so that in addition to providing you with a good product with good materials you also have a beautiful case at hand, which can be worn only by your hand band as well as inside any backpack, as this is resistant to the rips that can cause other utensils. Features: GREAT STORAGE: Large storage capacity in a small case, this allows you to conveniently store up to 50 pencils, pens, or pens, in addition to the other office tools that you need to bring to your work area. MULTIFUNCTIONAL: this is not only useful to transport your pencils or writing tools but also to take with you, notes, cards, tickets, as a bag for makeup, and also as a travel bag and not only this but also for its multiple compartment arrangement allows you to carry your attachments in an organized and easy to find away. HIGH QUALITY: this product is manufactured with materials resistant to tears, to the adversities of time, made with materials as strong as 100% linen, also incorporating a strong zipper that will not fail as the other brands. ORIGINAL DESIGN: our design is in keeping with the times, perfected so that when you take it with you you feel comfortable and with elegance, suitable for people like you who know that they like the style and the delicacy in our products. This case has a velcro pocket for your pencils and a hand band. HIGH QUALITY! UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE: When looking for something its important to spend your money on something that works. We are happy to serve you in any way we can and are eager to meet all of your needs. If for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied, we will do everything in our power to make sure that you leave happier, healthier, and breathing easy.