KT Tape x Forza Sports Cotton Sports Tape, 20 Strips, Military Green (Military Green)


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KT Tape x Forza Sports Cotton Sports Tape, 20 Strips, Military Green (Military Green). The KT Tape x Forza Sports Cotton 10″ Precut Sports Tape features Forza’s custom Military Green color. This sports roll provides support and pain relief, and will stay in place through multiple lighter workouts for up to 3 days as well as through showers, humidity, cold, and even in the pool. The elastic core delivers strong support for muscles, joints, and tendons. The cotton fibers are weaved in a mesh design that moves comfortable with the body, is breathable and releases moisture. Each box contains 20 precut 10″ strips of tape. Features Forza Sports’ custom Military Green color Comfortable to wear for 1 to 3 days Stays on in water Targeted pain relief Elastic core for strong support Does not restrict comfort and range of motion Cotton mesh design is comfortable, breathable and releases moisture Includes 20 precut 10″ strips Acrylic-based medical grade adhesive is gentle on sensitive skin; Latex free Removal Instructions Begin by peeling tape up at a corner. Hold skin down where tape is being pulled off with one hand while gently pulling tape up with the other hand. Remove slowly. For sensitive skin or difficult to remove tape, rub baby oil or olive oil into the top of the tape to help break down the adhesive. Wait five minutes and then slowly remove.