NEW Gel Nano Silicone Extreme Grip Tape Double-sided Reusable Waterproof Clear (Green/Clear)


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NEW Gel Nano Silicone Extreme Grip Tape Double-sided Reusable Waterproof Clear (Green/Clear). Ultra Strong Tough Reusable Washable Gel Nano Tape! Through new breakthroughs in Nano Technology, this adaptable material holds on most surfaces. It can hold up to 10+ pounds on a smooth surface so that you can stick almost anything. It can be cut to any size and any length you want allowing you to use it on most objects big or small!. It can be stretched, bending and folded out of shape to meet your needs. Works perfectly in a temperature range from -16C (0F) to above 62C (150F). Muti-functional adhesive tape is washable. When it gets dirty, simply wash it with water and dry it to regain its stickiness. Once dried, It will become sticky again so you can use it time and time again!. DO NOT use any other wipes or detergent. And it can be used for many times, and will not leave any residue or glue when removed. Use it in your kitchen, office, mobile phone or car hold, living room, tools. You can use it to fix or paste items such as car phone holder, poster, picture frame, pen holder, wall sticker, hook, small tools, sticky pads, phone cases, patches, decorative patches, wall decor. This super adhesive double-sided tape is made of Nano-pu gel material, Non-Toxic, Recyclable and Eco-Friendly. Each set’s length is 6.5FT, width 30mm, thickness 2mm per tape roll. FEATURES: NEW PREMIUM THICK TAPE : Over 30mm in width (50mm For The Extra Wide Version) and 3mm in height our double sided alien nano tape is double the width and height of other similar tapes. Its reusable, multi-purpose, adhesive gel that is made from PU gel, with a durable, double-sided self adhesive, transparent, and leaves no residue. HEAVY DUTY 10LB TAPE : Hold items up to (10 LBS) on smooth surfaces. It is easily removable and will not damage your walls or other surfaces. Perfectly for almost any smooth, clean and non-porous surface in a temperature range from -16C (0F) or above 62C (150F). WATERPROOF, WASHABLE AND RECYCLABLE: Our gel nano tape are reusable and have an extended lifespan. Simply wash it with water and reuse. Its water proof and keeps its adhesive strength even during harsh weather. Its almost like magic and leaves no residue when removed and is on of the strongest tapes. CREATIVE DESIGN: The Transparent nano tape can being used on all semi smooth and smooth surfaces. Such as walls, cloths, clothing, floor, doors, metals, plastics, hanging pictures, and windows. Perfect for home, office, car , wardrobe, tabletop, bathroom, and so on. Works indoors and outdoors. EASY TO USE: You can cut this transparent adhesive tape to any size and length to meet your needs! Dimensions:4″x4″x1.2″ Weight: 0.00 Lbs 4.20 Ounces