Panasonic Call Block Button Call Blocker Button (Black)


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Panasonic Call Block Button Call Blocker Button (Black). Panasonic KX-TGA710B Includes One Year Warranty The Panasonic KX-TGA710 is a dedicated call block machine. This call blocker has an advanced Bilingual Talking Caller ID that allows the user to hear the caller name by announcement in English and Spanish. This device stops up to 16,000 unwanted numbers with an included pre-programmed database of 14,000 instantly blocked robocaller numbers. While you can easily add additional 2,000 unwanted numbers can manually to the block list. This call blocker can store up to 100 numbers of friends, family and others. The Panasonic call blocker comes with a 2.5-inch White backlight dislpay and has a color LED besides the dipslay. The bright white, easy to read backlit LCD, clearly shows caller names and numbers. While the LED blinks green when unit recieves trusted number calls and red when robocallers call. The big red call block button is located on the top of the unit. At the touch of a button, the unwanted caller?s number is logged into the unit?s memory, the call will hang up and the number blocked permanently. KX-TGA710 Features: Call Blocker Slim, Compact Stable 2.5-inch White Backlight Dislpay Large, Prominent, Easy-to-Push Red Button Blocking Capacity: 16000 Numbers – Pre-programmed: 14,000 – Manual: 2000 Automatically Blocks Unknown calls / International calls / 00 prefix calls If Preset Bilingual Caller ID (English, Spanish) Up to 100 Number Allow List Caller Indicator LED – Trusted Number Calls, Green LED Blinks – Robocaller Calls, Red LED Blinks Installs in Seconds