Pearlite Membrane Bubble Mailer Padded Envelope Bag 4″x 8″ – M (White)


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Pearlite Membrane Bubble Mailer Padded Envelope Bag 4″x 8″ – M (White). “Introductions: High-quality hot-melt adhesive self-adhesive sealing, tear resistance, to ensure the security and privacy of mail products. Squeezing the bubbles with your fingers will obviously swell, and the bubbles will be full, which will help improve the security of the courier package. The widened side seal makes the package more secure and ensures that the bag will not cause you damage due to the edge opening. The high-quality white pearlescent film on the surface layer brings you a better experience and the effect of protecting the interior of the bag from rain. More advantages can not be told out until you have used it! Features: 1. Made from polyethylene entirely recyclable 2. High slip lining allows easier product insertion and extraction, increasing productivity 3. Self-seal closure tamper-evident, increases content security 4. Bubble lining provides cushioning to reduce shipping damage 5. Polyethylene exterior improved strength provides better protection than kraft mailers 6. White outer shell clean appearance is aesthetically pleasing 7. Labeling adheres easily is ideal for promotional mailings 8. USPS / UPS / DHL and FedEx approved 9. Superior quality at a unbelievable price Specifications: 1. Material: Plastic 2. Weight: 0.93lb / 0.42kg 3. Dimensions: #000 – 4 x 8 #0 – 6.5 x 10 #2 – 8.5 x 12 #4 – 9.5 x 14.5 #5 – 10.5 x 16 #6 – 12.5 x 19.5 #7 – 14.25 x 20 Package Includes: 100 x Bubble Bag “