Pentagon Tool Panel Pusher Dolly Plywood – Doors – Drywall




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Pentagon Tool Panel Pusher Dolly Plywood – Doors – Drywall. The Pentagon Tool Panel Pusher Dolly is ideal for moving large, heavy or bulky objects such as doors, drywall panels, wood paneling, or other large objects that usually take two or more people to move. 10 inch inflatable wheels make using the panel pusher on most terrain possible. Assembly is quick and easy only taking a few minutes to get ready for all your hauling needs. Always ensure your load is stable and secure in the dolly before moving. Adjustable up to 9 inches – “T” screw handle locking systems makes adjustments easy and fast. Easy moving 10 inch inflatable wheels. Small and lightweight for easy storage and maneuverability. Top grade / quality steel. Holds up to 600LBS worth of doors, drywall, plywood, and other assorted sheeted material