Planet Traveler USA Smart Tech Case Hardside 23″ Spinner (Black)


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Planet Traveler USA Smart Tech Case Hardside 23″ Spinner (Black). The creation of the Planet Traveler Smart Tech Case Hardside spinner luggage began with one complex goal. The Fusion of art and science. When design and craftsmanship meets state of the art technology the result is revolutionary. Strength, beauty and technology will change your travel experience to an exciting new level. Designed in The USA. Planet Traveler USAs Smart Tech Case brings you the next generation of luggage. Designed to balance technology, style and function the Smart Tech Case includes a Global Tracker and lift-less scale technology. One of the biggest worries when traveling is knowing where your luggage is. We have solved this problem for you. The Global Tracker utilizes patented micro-electronics and ground-based cellular telephone technologies to track and report your cases location. Never worry about knowing where your luggage is ever again. Knowthe location of your luggage at all times. -Simple and easy to use app. -Track your Luggage with a map on the app. – Know the location of your luggage anywhere in the world -Proximity Sensor lets you know the distance of your luggage via the app This experience will enhance your travel providing less worries and more relaxation. Travel with peace of mind! One year tracking service included. Optional yearly renewal thereafter. You never need to worry about overweight fees again. Our Digital Self Scale weighs your suitcase even without you lifting the case! Incredible innovation and design has led us to build the sensors into the side studs so you are hands free and the weight is visible on your Planet Traveler app. The Smart Tech case has a durable hard shell made of 100% polycarbonate providing strength and durability and protecting the contents of your suitcase, uses the finest wheels, an ergonomic, lightweight handle for ease of use and has the utmost detail of perfection and craftsmanship. Deluxe features also includebuilt in Dura-Lock TSA friendly lock and Glide-Tech multidirectional 360 degree dual wheels, which provide smooth and stable motion. A fully zippered Panel creates a second compartment to keep your possessions organized and compression straps and clasp easily keep your personal items secure. Our Worldwide Cloud Protection warranty covers your claims within 24 hours via the app. with the part shipped to you. You don’t even have to call us. It is the World’s First Virtual Warranty. Your claims are handled through your app. Hassle free and worry free. You will travel in style with the latest technological functions with the Planet Traveler brand.